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Wholesale Products for Gift Shops

Are you looking for high quality gifts for your gift shop? Why not try our unique giftware all designed, produced and manufactured in the UK.

Since 1985, Cardtoons have produced our own ranges of greetings cards, tablemats, coasters, jigsaws, teatowels, key rings, art prints, postcards and other giftware. We distribute wholesale to hundreds of gift shops across the north of England with uniques brands such as Country Comicals, Lap Maps, Go Cards, Landmark and Northern Views.

Stock Country Comicals in your gift shop

Country Comicals range of watercolours by Cardtoons PublicationsThe Country Comicals range of countryside themed watercolours by Yorkshire artist Linda Birkinshaw is a well-known and proven sales leader. With over 100 images depicting the funny side of country life, it features a host of lovable animal characters; dogs, sheep, cows, cats, chickens and even the odd exasperated human here and there!

Why buy wholesale from Cardtoons?

We offer point of sale, display stands, flexible terms, high quality customer service as well as honest advice on the best products for you. No matter if you're looking for a small range of items for your shop or retail outlet, or you've got space for larger display stands, we can help.

How do I buy wholesale from Cardtoons?

Start shopping today with our selection of stand deals below, or register a Trade account and browse our site with wholesale prices and choose your own products. You can also download a trade catalogue at the bottom of this page. Or simply give us a call to discuss your needs.

Country Comicals Greetings Card Wholesale Stand Deal
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Country Comicals Greetings Cards Wholesale Restock Pack
Regular price £119.52
Sale price £119.52
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