Jewels Of Northumbria: Alnmouth & Alnwick

25 August 2022 by Rachel Wilson

Jewels Of Northumbria: Alnmouth & Alnwick

Alnmouth and Alnwick are a market town and village located in Northumberland that are definitely worth visiting. Alnwick is located 5 miles inland from Alnmouth and is the larger of the two, hosting some of the top tourist attractions in the North East. You can certainly make a day out of visiting these two beautiful locations and there's plenty to do for all the family. 

Getting there

Alnmouth is located east of Alnwick and is connected by the A1068. They can be accessed from the North or South via the A1 which runs all the way through the heart of Northumberland. For a more scenic route, you can take the Northumberland Coastal Route which is clearly signposted on brown road signs.

Alnwick Highlights

Harry Potter fans will be delighted when they spot the famed Alnwick Castle where iconic scenes were filmed. You can opt to have a film tour around the castle, then take part in broomstick training and be amazed by magic shows performed in the castle grounds. Alnwick town itself is surrounded by unspoilt beauty and famous for having some of the best countryside in the UK. Country walks are abundant around Alnwick and any walk isn't complete unless finished in one of the many local pubs like The Dirty Bottles, which is a centuries old pub with a rooftop terrace.

Alnmouth Highlights

The village is almost picture postcard perfect with its colourful red roofed cottages and (when the tide is out) golden sand. It was founded in 1150 and remains a beautiful and interesting village that is perfect for exploring. There are miles and miles of beach which you can stroll along which is unspoilt and completely deserted at times. There is a popular golf course for golfing fans and a great variety of restaurants, pubs, cafes and gift shops.

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