Seal spotting in Northumberland

04 January 2022 by Rachel Wilson

Seal spotting in Northumberland

Here at Cardtoons, we get to travel far and wide across the north of England including Northumberland which is a northern hidden gem.

One of the best activities on the coastline is to spot some of our native sea mammals - seals! Around half the world's population of grey seals can be found around the British coast so we'll let you know the best place to spot them.

  • Seahouses - You might be lucky enough to see grey seals in the pretty harbour in Seahouses, watch out for their heads bobbing on the surface of the water.
  • Farne & Coquet islands - From Seahouses harbour, you can take a boat trip across to the islands where you can see seals resting on the rocks. In the autumn, you can see the female grey seals come ashore to pup, and there can be up to 1,000 pups a year! The Farne islands has the largest population of grey seals on the east coast of Britain.
  • Lindisfarne - In the summer months, hundreds of seals will visit Lindisfarne sand flats and can be best viewed from Holy Island which can be accessed by boat.

If you see a seal, remember to view it from a distance as they are wild animals and they could turn defensive if disturbed!

Have you seen any grey seals in Northumberland? Let us know by tagging Cardtoons on Instagram.

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