The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

10 February 2023 by Rachel Wilson

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Once you step onto Holy Island a.k.a. Lindisfarne, it's like stepping back in time with its 16th century castle standing proud on the hill and the ruined, ancient Priory dominating your views. This blog will give you all the information you'll need for a day out on Holy Island.

Where is Holy Island?

Holy Island is located in the North East of England along the Northumberland coast, halfway between Newcastle and Edinburgh - both around 65 miles away respectively. 

How do you get to Holy Island?

The island is linked to mainland UK by the Lindisfarne causeway, which is an adventurous road to cross due to the tidal nature of Holy Island. The road is safe to drive, cycle or walk across only twice a day and the tide times are posted on a noticeboard at the Beal-End of the causeway. Adhere to the safe crossing times as sea water can rise quickly, especially in adverse weather and vehicles have become stranded.

What is Holy Island known for?

Holy Island is one of the most important areas in the UK for the development of English Christianity. Irish monks settled on Holy Island in AD 635 by the order of Northhumbrian king, Oswald who granted Aidan, an Irish monk, and his companions the entire island to found a monastery. The island then suffered invasions from the Vikings, the Normans and various Scottish Kings; there is a lot of history to discover on this little island!

What can I do on Holy Island?

As well as the Castle and the Priory, there are lots of things to do on the island from seal spotting to visiting the scenic sandy beaches. There are 3 pubs on the island to enjoy a local tipple and even a winery where you can try Lindisfarne mead. There are many beautiful walks on the island that lead to The Links, which is the dune covered area on the north of Holy Island. This is part of the Lindisfarne Nature Reserve that has animals and plants which cannot be found anywhere else. After a walk, there are also 3 cafes to enjoy lunch and a great cake.

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