Country Comicals Greetings Card Wholesale Stand Deal

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A free-standing spinner stand complete with stock to display Country Comicals Greetings Cards. We will supply you with a variety of our best-selling greetings cards from the Country Comicals range. Please let us know if you have any particular requirements with the selection of images. You can view the full Country Comicals range here.

We offer three sizes of stand:

  • 4 Face 24 Pockets
  • 6 Face 36 Pockets
  • 8 Face 48 Pockets

The price includes the spinner which is yours to keep and includes free packs of greetings cards.

4 Face 24 Pockets

35 packs of 6 cards (including 8 free packs)
cost £209.52
return £382.08 (including free stock)
margin 45%

6 Face 36 Pockets

45 packs of 6 cards (including 9 free packs)
cost £279.28
return £537.30 (including free stock)
margin 48%

8 Face 48 Pockets

58 packs of 6 cards (including 10 free packs)
cost £339.04
return £692.52 (including free stock)
margin 51%

We offer Restock Packs in 10s, 20s and 30s. Click here for more.

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The Country Comicals range

Country Comicals is a gift range featuring colourful and humorous watercolours by artist Linda Birkinshaw. Influenced by life in the Yorkshire Dales, Linda's paintings feature a loveable cast of animals and humans experiencing the funny side of country life.

The Country Comicals range includes over 100 different designs across a range of media, including greetings cards, art prints, coasters, tablemats, fridge magnets, keyrings, chopping boards and trays.

View the range

Country Comicals Greetings Card Wholesale Stand Deal