Country Comicals Greetings Card Wholesale Stand Deal for Garden Centres

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A free-standing spinner stand complete with stock to display Country Comicals Greetings Cards. We will supply you with a variety of greetings cards from the Country Comicals range suitable for farm shops. These will feature farm-related images in particular farm animals; sheepdogs, sheep, cows, horses, cats, chickens and more! You can view the full Country Comicals range here.

We offer three sizes of stand:

  • 4 Face 24 Pockets
  • 6 Face 36 Pockets
  • 8 Face 48 Pockets

The price includes the spinner which is yours to keep and includes free packs of greetings cards.

4 Face 24 Pockets

35 packs of 6 cards (including 8 free packs)
cost £209.52
return £382.08 (including free stock)
margin 45%

6 Face 36 Pockets

45 packs of 6 cards (including 9 free packs)
cost £279.28
return £537.30 (including free stock)
margin 48%

8 Face 48 Pockets

58 packs of 6 cards (including 10 free packs)
cost £339.04
return £692.52 (including free stock)
margin 51%

We offer a garden centre Restock Pack in 10s, 20s and 30s. Click here for more.

Visit our Trade & Wholesale page to learn more and to download our wholesale catalogues.

The Country Comicals range

Country Comicals is a gift range featuring colourful and humorous watercolours by artist Linda Birkinshaw. Influenced by life in the Yorkshire Dales, Linda's paintings feature a loveable cast of animals and humans experiencing the funny side of country life.

The Country Comicals range includes over 100 different designs across a range of media, including greetings cards, art prints, coasters, tablemats, fridge magnets, keyrings, chopping boards and trays.

View the range

Country Comicals Greetings Card Wholesale Stand Deal for Garden Centres