Hug a Sheep Day

25 October 2022 by Rachel Wilson 1 comment

Hug a Sheep Day

WHEN Saturday October 29 2022

WHAT Hug a Sheep Day!

WHERE Anywhere you can get safe access to a sheep

Started in the United States, this random yet fun day was created to honour the fantastic animal that is the sheep and celebrate all it does for us. Their contributions to human life like providing wool, meat and lanolin should not go unappreciated.

Sheep were first domesticated in Central Asia as far back as 8000 B.C. and are still used to this day all over the world as an integral part of farming. In 2018, there were 33 million sheep and lambs recorded in the UK reared in lowland, hill and upland locations. Different areas of the country make best use of the different breeds for the differing land and weather conditions.

Here at Cardtoons, we absolutely adore sheep and love to celebrate the humble animal by using it as the face of many of our products. From Swaledale to Herdwicks, we think you should love them too. Getting access to actually hugging sheep might not be as hard as you think, contact a local farm or petting zoo to see if you can celebrate sheep on this year's National Hug a Sheep day.

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  • Sophie says...

    You’re all total wankers. I’d prefer to buy products made of your skin.

    27 October 2023 at 11:51pm

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